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Website FAQS and web hosting facts

Got questions?
Well, we've got answers.

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You Ask, We tell

New around here? Start with the basics.

How long have you been in business/been around ?

We have provided webhosting services since 2008, But recently its be acquired by Angel, We have redefined our brand and services and becoming more public.

Why have I not heard of you?

When things work as they should, people generally don't mention them! When things don't work, however, people are more than willing to ridicule.
No, seriously, comparitively we're relatively unknown in the hosting industry but we're growing every day. It's a heavily saturated market and it's hard for smaller hosts like ourselves to break through and become a known host. As we said we are in this since 2008, so there is something driving us this far.

Why do you not have telephone support/sales?

We utilise an online ticket based support system with whatsapp and live chat support, so that all issues and responses are tracked and dealt with on a "first come, first served" basis. Not only does this allow any of our engineers to refer to the history of an issue and prevent the potential frustration of a customer having to explain issues all over again, we feel that it is also the fairest way of offering support.

You offer a 99% uptime guarantee? Can you tell me more?

We sure do, but there are conditions. (Aren't there always?)
The uptime we refer to is based upon our ability to provide a service to you. If the server you're hosted on goes down (hardware failure, software failure, etc) then this is included within the guarantee. If our network provider experiences issues, causing connectivity to your server to fail, this is not covered by our guarantee. These are matters (regrettably) beyond our control and as such we cannot guarantee the responsibility of others. That said, it is very rare for any network provider to experience downtime or serious connectivity issues due to the high redundancy placed in their networks.
Should you experience less than 99% uptime, we will credit you with free hosting of your affected package.

When will my hosting be activated?

As soon as we receive the first payment for your account, it will be automatically activated. You will then receive an e-mail containing your hosting details.
If you haven't received this e-mail after at least an hour, then please contact our support team who can assist further.

Will you move/help move my files and data to your hosting?

If you're moving from an existing cPanel based host, we can move all of your files and data across perfectly for you. However, moving from non-cPanel based hosting providers will limit our ability to transfer your content. In these instances, we will only transfer your website file(s), leaving the rest of the configuration to yourself.

I have an urgent problem with the coding on my website, can you fix it for me?!

We know what it's like... Your developer is AWOL and you have an urgent bug or critical issue on your website that's stopping people from using it. Most hosts will tell you that they "don't support website code" - but we won't. Though we can't guarantee we'll be able to fix the issue for you, we'll definitely take a look and do our best to get you back up and running. Simply get in touch and we can take things from there.
Please note that we will only provide this service in instances where a minor fix or modification is required in order to restore your site to a working status. We will not add functionality or develop your website(s) for you.

But wait, I have a question that's not answered!

Please get in touch with us, and we'll happily let you know what's what.